Change Log

0.9.8-Native 64Bit Support

-Fixes issues with new Nvidia drivers and 10xx GPUs.

-Major graphics performance improvements.

-New CPU re-compiler has been implemented to increase FPS.

-You can now record and save gameplay to .avi(beta).


0.9.7-Added Game manager.

-New keyboard shortcuts are added

-New OpenAL audio backend

-New AX FCP emulation code

-Fix D3D MSAA and State Manager Desyncs


0.9.6-Recompiler Improvements and Core Refactors

-Programmable blending to reproduce GS blending unit output

- Improved read of depth / color

-Revamped Core and D3D plugin

-Added SDL Backend


0.9.5-Various CRC hacks

-Hack for NVIDIA cards, solves problems with stretching on drivers above 320.18

-New shader resources



0.9.4-Fixed various issues regarding audio in some games.


0.9.3-Improved stability when v-sync is enabled.

-Frame limiter option is added.


0.9.2- Fixed huge graphics glitches,

-added patches support,

-fixed controller freezing bug

-Added support various controllers

-Fixed bi-cubic rendering in some games


0.9.1 - Support for Dual Shock 4 controller using DS4Tool.


0.9 - PS3 virtual HD feature is added to manage games(probably game manager in future) .


0.8 - An option is added to completely stop emulation.


0.7 - Added an option to manage saved games.


0.6 - Option to limit frames and turbo support.


0.5 - Improved audio plugin engine.


0.4 - XMB kernel update with minor speed improvements.


0.3 - Added patches, gamefixes and gamehacks support.


0.2 - New GS plugin with SLI support.


0.1 - Initial release