View video in HD 1440p/ 60 fps for best quality. Testing out Ridge Racer 7 running on the RPCS3 PS3 emulator for Windows PC.

It runs a little bit better than a couple months ago. Almost full speed on some tracks. Note: BG music was added to the video. In-game bg music still does not work. Disable bgm before you start a race for the race to load.

LLVM / Vulkan
1 SPU thread
GPU texture scaling disabled
spu loop disabled

RPCS3 build:

my PC:
CPU: i7 4790k 4.5 GHZ
RAM: 16GB Ripjaws 2000MHZ CL10
GPU: GTX 1050ti
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
RR7 – RPCS3 emu

bg music: Ridge Racer V – Euphoria

Download PS3 Emulator here –> :