Monsters vs. Aliens running on a Windows PC via the RPCS3 0.0.4-7534 (01/11/2018) PS3 emulator. Download the emulator from our site:

Note that the GUI interface of RPCS3 shows it as a different version for whatever reason, but it is actually 0.0.4-7534.

RPCS3 is currently only available on Windows 64-bit systems.

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RPCS3 official site:

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My PC specs: i7-4770 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU

Notes about RPCS3: At this point in its development, RPCS3 is still a very early and experimental emulator (it’s still considered “pre-alpha.”) Quite a few games (especially big-name triple A titles) don’t even boot. See the compatibility list linked above for what’s working and what isn’t working.

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